SMD lines - total capacity of 250 mln assemblies/year. All widespread components from size 0201 to 50 x 50 mm, can be placed in all common pitch grids. All production lines include dispensing, screen printing, and inspection units. ( Reflow under N2 atmosphere).

Axial assembling - total capacity of 150 mln assemblies/year, all common pitches can be assembled. A sixty station high speed sequencer for preparing the relevant sequences.

Wire confection is based on two cut-and-strip machines, followed by several different tools for wire crimping and confection.

Coil winding - total capacity of 10 million norm coils/year on two six-cavity, free programmable coil winding machines.

Component preparation - cut, kink, bend, special shapes, stand-off, for different lead thickness.

Double solder wave Seho, N2 equipped, width 400mm. Customer designed, in-house made solder frames, fixings and pushers for component positioning.

Tampon print machine - multicolour printing on different materials and shapes.

Insertion tools - pneumatically driven, for different types of fast-on connectors.

Varnishing cabin for conformal and selective coating.

In-circuit test systems ICT -free programmable.