Who we are

Sysco Set Electronics Ltd. was founded in October 2001 in Sofia, the capital of the Republic of Bulgaria.

After the renovation of the present fabrication facilities, the production of electronic modules started in April 2002, providing actually all kinds of actual production processes and infra structure required in the electronic assembly, like ESD flooring, air conditioning, lead-free wave- and reflow-soldering, high-speed SMD assembly, wire-dressing, in-circuit-testing, coating, manual and automatic assembling, to mention the key processes only.

The young and motivated team of employees is mainly based on former employees of other electronic modules manufacturers, and has a profound and detailed knowledge as a supplier of mass production goods, from the technical side, project management, development, harmonizing production processes and corresponding know-how for design of test equipment.

Since March 2003 the company is certified according ISO9001:2002 and already passed successfully twice the re-audits.

Since middle of 2006 the certification according ISO-TS 16949:2002 was achieved and four recertification audits have been succesfully passed.