R&D Process and Outsourcing management



Sysco Set Electronics ltd. is offering various services in the field of research and development, process accompanying tests and aids in questions of process improvement and employer training.

The range of services reaches from components release tests, to the complete design and development of a product based on your ideas and from the training of your employers to process support to solve a given task.


TRAININGS  by certified trainers

-          IPC 610 A – Evaluation of printed boards

o        Duration of training 3 x 8 hours plus 1 x 4 hours test

o        Official IPC certificate issued, when test results confirmed by IPC

o        Price at request


-          IPC 6677 – Rework and repair of assembled boards

o        Duration of training 3 x 8 hours plus 1 x 4 hours test

o        Official IPC certificated issued, when test results confirmed by IPC

o        Price at request


-          IEC 61340-5-1 and 61340-5-2 Electrostatic Discharge

o        Duration of training 1 x 8 hours plus 1 x 1 hour for test

o        Certificate issued

o        Price at request


RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT – Bringing your IDEA to life

-          Component tests

o        Temperature and climatic test of alternative or new components for your application

o        EMC verification tests with the alternative component in your application

o        Test report for the performed tests


-          Module/device tests

o        Temperature and climate simulation tests

o        EMC verification tests

o        Specialized custom designed test fixtures for specialized tests


-          Layouting  of printed circuit boards with 3D model of board

-          Design and development of mechanical parts, required for the module

-          Prototyping of boards and modules including STL-parts

-          Developing a module based on ideas and book of requirements


PROCESS-Improvements and support

-          ESD Audit based on IEC 61340-5-1 and 61340-5-

-          Process and product audits based on

o        ISO 9001

o        ISO TS

o        ISO 14001

-          Support for Audit certification

-          Improvement of Key processes in electronic production

o        Surface mounted technology

o        Pin through hole technology

o        Wave soldering

o        Thermal profiling

-          Cross section of wire crimp connections

-          CPK-CMK analyses

-          MSA analyses


Machine Service & Technical support

-          Support in maintaining and servicing production equipment of different producers

-          Training for predictive and preventive maintenance issues

-          CPK-CMK analyses

-          MSA analyses


Test possibilities


-          Surge test -1÷4kV,

-          Burst test – 0,5÷4kV,

-          ESD – 2÷15kV air discharge, 2÷10kV contact discharge,

-          Voltage dips, short interruptions and voltage variations immunity test.


HA1600 Power and Harmonics Analyzer

-          Limits for harmonic current emission;

-          Limitations of voltage changes, voltage fluctuation and flicker.


Climatic chamber - Environmental test

-          Temperature test - test conditions: temperature range - 40 ÷180degrees;

-          Climatic test - Temperature range +10 °C to +95 °C; Humidity range 10 % to 98 % r.h.


Development System near probe analysis of PCB

-           Comparative measurements of disturbances emitted by modules directly at the PCB.

-          SGZ 21 burst generator for examine the disturbance immunity during development and locate any weak points in the PCBs.