Syscoset is a German company specialized in the development, industrialization and mass production of electronic boards as well as modules and systems containing electronic boards.

The company is providing services and goods to well know global players in the fields of automotive, household, industrial and medical electronics.

We are your partner from realizing your idea and bringing it to life!

The main technological processes that create a company competitive on the European market are:

  • High-speed SMT

  • THT assembling Axial/radial

  • Odd shape component preparation

  • Lead free solder processes – reflow – wave – selective – manual

  • FCT & ICT Testing

  • Varnishing

  • System assembling

  • Packing and shipping

Who we are?

Syscoset Electronics Ltd. was founded in October 2001 in Sofia, the capital of the Republic of Bulgaria.

After the renovation of the present fabrication facilities, the production of electronic modules started in April 2002, providing actually all kinds of actual production processes and infra structure required in the electronic assembly, like ESD flooring, air conditioning, lead-free wave- and reflow-soldering, high-speed SMD assembly, wire-dressing, in-circuit-testing…

Mission statement

Our mission is to ensure our customers with flexible structure for providing all electronic-assembly-related production and servicing activities under one roof.

On the basis of profound know-how and long-term experience in electronic manufacturing, design, R&D, and worldwide material sourcing we strive for continuous improvement of processes, quality, and pricing for being up-to-date with the innovative competitive environment…

The idea behind creation

The decision for founding an electronic production was based on the following key factors:

  • Availability of local technical universities and high schools, providing well trained and skillful workers.
  • Reasonable wages of unskilled and trained workers.
  • Well developed logistical environment in Bulgaria. One of the best and most…